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I had recently watched the KÀ at MGM Grand and Le Rêve at Wynn in Las Vegas. So touched by both performances and artists’ devotions to art and the theatre.

KÀ is the name of a village and the word refers to “gatekeepers”. The show’s floating stage sets it an unconventional Cirque du Soleil. On top of its striking stage designs and stunning lighting effects, the play is a pantomime full of adventures. Not to mention those spectacular costumes and fascinating makeup, you really have to see it on your own because there’s no right word to describe that sensational feeling of watching some of the world’s best acrobats giving their passionate performances, goose bumps were all over me when the show ended.

Here’s a link to the KÀ’s teaser video and more:

Le Rêve means “the dream” in French and the stage is mesmerizing with the set up of a colorful wonderland. It features captivating acrobats dancing beautifully in water and in the air! No seat is further than 40 feet away from the round stage so every audience gets a close look to the performance. I heard Le Rêve is technically not a Cirque du Soleil, but whether it is or not, in my opinion it’s just a show you can’t miss. My only recommendation is not to go for the VIP seats even though they include complimentary champagnes, chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate truffles, they are simply not the best seats in the house. Depending on how much you want to get “wet” from the splashes, I think the seats with best views might be somewhere between the 4th and 7th row.

Here’s a link to the Le Rêve’s teaser video and more:

Some additional Cirque du Soleil inspirations:

La Nouba – O Magazine Spread.

My Hearty Meals.

Ribeye in Black Pepper and Red Wine Sauce. Adding butter in sauce at the end was the key!

Side dish of Sauté Asparagus and Mushrooms. Cook with simple ingredients like olive oil and garlic, yumm…

Another steak night! Black Pepper Sauce New York Steak with Sunny Side Up Egg, accompanied with baked white wine and butter mushrooms.

I Think Slow Cooks Have the Most Amazing Aroma!

This was from a pot of Slow Braised Lamb Shoulders. The broth was extra sweet with brussels sprouts.

Macaroni with Slow Cooked Beef Ribs in A Red Wine and Rosemary Soup. The fragrant was so mouthwatering. 

Pork Ribs were slow braised for 5 hours, all the meat just fell off bones. So tender and juicy over rigatoni with a touch of cream.

Mexican Style Beef Stew. Special ingredients included all kinds of sweet peppers, cumin and cinnamon. Sharp cheddar and cilantro were great finishing touches.

More Beef please!

Individual Serving Beef Lasagna.

Meatball Sub with Sunny Side Up, Onions and Yellow Tomatoes.

Who Said Hearty Meals Can’t be About Shrimps?

Fresh Shrimps with Linguini.

Some cutesy inspirations from Japan!

The Famous Hello Kitty. From a super cute blog named Hello Kitty Junkie!

Friendly Manager, her name is Angie! Very informative & she speaks perfect English!

Pictures from my visit to the Hello Kitty Sweets in Taiwan! Their service was great, you could see the chefs working their magic through a window, very professional. Their chef for pastas was exceptionally great! Yummm!!!


I have to post this, they even have matching Hello Kitty Crocs that goes with their staffs’ uniforms!



For When You Are Hungry and You Just Want Some Ideas for Quick Fixes.

Cream sauce chicken tenderloins with scramble eggs.

Toasted ciabatta with arugula and (leftover) New York steak. Side with iced coffee.

So simple and so delicious. Toasted fish fillet and fresh carrot snacks.

It was my pantry cleaning day! From a can of cream of chicken with linguini and corn.

Frozen strawberry smoothie. It was hot and I was really thirsty, so I made a treat for myself. Blended frozen strawberries, orange juice, cream, little sugar and ice all together and here you go!.

Can’t go any simpler than marinara sauce with linguini and charred olive oil ciabatta.

My version of cobb salad. With bacon, sauté mushrooms and avocado.

Over a bed of fresh spinach, I seared some fish fillet with herbs, fresh ground pepper and some sea salt.

A French illustrator. Love her use of colors, textures, and the personalities spoken through her work.

I would love love love to get this book, “Le Chasseur de papillons”! Still can’t spot it in America. Anyone knows where this can be purchased in the States?

Gorgeous Illustrations in Different Applications.


Web Banners.

Rings and Hairpins.


Just a beautiful gallery of some great illustrations.



The dinner took a whole day to prepare, my feet got so numb and sore by the end of the very long hours of preparing food and cooking, but it was definitely worth it!

Chicken Broth Brussels Sprouts.

These were slow cooked for about 45 min and they became so tender and juicy.

Meatball Stuffed with Smoked Mozzarella and Homemade Marinara Sauce.

Red sauce pasta was requested by one of the birthday girls so here we go. Other than some Italian bread crumbs and egg, the minced beef was also combined with leek, onion, parsley, red crushed pepper, worcestershire, cumin and some salt & pepper.

French Onion Soup with Thyme and Sauvignon Blanc.

Sweat the onion at the beginning with very low heat was to key to make the soup very sweet. And by adding some unsalted butter towards the end, it made a world of difference. Thanks to one of the birthday girls, the china we used the night were so elegant and beautiful I felt like our eyes were being fed also. Love that soup bowl!

Bay Scallop Gratin.

With a ladle of Sauvignon Blanc on the bottom of the tray, I added dried bay scallops. The topping was a whip of butter, roasted garlic (Garlic wrapped in foil with olive oil, salt & pepper and baked in oven @ 375 degrees for about an hour), parsley, thyme, lemon juice and some salt & pepper. I blended them all together and streamed in some olive oil. Last step was to fold in some panko bread crumbs and bake for about 10 min. It was an inspiration from one of Ina Garten’s recipes, Yummy!

Beef Hash with Sunny Side Up Eggs.

The other birthday girl loves breakfast, so I decided to give this a try. On top of the different color potatoes and very sharp cheddar, the eggs completed the dish!

Last but not least, the Saffron Broth Shrimp and Clams.

Another inspiration originated from Foodnetwork, I modified a few ingredients, but I believe with the features of saffron and seafood, orange zest, clam juice, wine and tomatoes really brought their intensity of flavors to the fullest!

It was one satisfying birthday dinner, can’t wait for the next time to party! In the meantime though, since I had so much food and wine, definitely need to spend some time on my cardio stepper. So until then, Ciao!

A Delightful Visit to the Beautiful Getty Villa in Malibu, Los Angeles.

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