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Some Beautiful Inspirations!

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Some cutesy inspirations from Japan!

The Famous Hello Kitty. From a super cute blog named Hello Kitty Junkie!

Friendly Manager, her name is Angie! Very informative & she speaks perfect English!

Pictures from my visit to the Hello Kitty Sweets in Taiwan! Their service was great, you could see the chefs working their magic through a window, very professional. Their chef for pastas was exceptionally great! Yummm!!!


I have to post this, they even have matching Hello Kitty Crocs that goes with their staffs’ uniforms!



At Target, I found these inspiring packagings, all for baby products. Creative, colorful, & easy to use, not to mention the products are fully functional too!

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Perfect as gift boxes, party favors, or a part of company identity. A printable file for easy craft folding. Fits to print on letter size paper stock.
Now for sale on ETSY:
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